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  • Are you looking for an efficient, convenient and value-for-money way to help your child master English or Chinese?
  • Are you not 100% satisfied with the traditional tuition’s approach?
  • Do you want your child to learn and achieve high academic goals without pressure and with a kid-friendly pedagogy?

If you have answered YES to one of these questions, then VivaLing is for YOU!


VivaLing - P1 program - 2


Fun and interactive online tuition

VivaLing currently teaches English, Mandarin, Spanish and French to young learners, aged 3 to 15, in 20 countries across Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.

Through real-time video with native language coaches, VivaLing enables young learners to learn the language of their future from the comfort of their home.


P1 Group Sessions – Chinese from VivaLing on Vimeo.

Your Child has an exceptional gift for languages

As many scientific studies have already shown, childhood is the best period in life to learn languages. This special gift must be tapped while it is still available.

However children must be offered the right pedagogical and motivational set-up. In order to learn efficiently, your child needs 3 key drivers to master another language:

  • Exposure
  • Motivation
  • Social interaction

VivaLing uses science and technology to ensure that young learners enjoy the most fruitful experience through hyper-personalized coaching.


  • Extreme flexibility and convenience for both kids and parents
  • Hyper-personalised and interactive coaching
  • Native and highly qualified coaches
  • Shorter and more frequent lessons
  • Competitive and friendly pricing

Why choose VivaLing? What makes us different from other Online Tuition Centres?

  • Class size: our ratio is 1:3 maximum in order to enhance the interaction between the teacher and the children
  • The quality of our coaches: all our coaches are, of course, native speakers and qualified teachers, but they also have a strong background in working with children – this is why we select them!
  • The extreme flexibility: if you go for one-to-one sessions, you can chose the time and date that suits you best, and choose between a 25-, 40- or 55-minute session in order to match your child’s needs
  • The possibility to mix group sessions with one-to-one sessions in order to enhance the learning experience for each child
  • Chinese AND English AND much more: with VivaLing, you can master Chinese and English, but also French and Spanish. The World is Yours!
  • Our worldwide experience: VivaLing is an international company with students in 20 countries around the world. Our experience and network make a big difference and are a token of quality.

Is your child in Primary classes? Get the best for him!

VivaLing proposes a yearly program for P1, P2 and P3 students starting from January 2016.

  • Academic Program based on the MOE curriculum, reviewing vocabulary competency, reading and writing skills, as well as understanding and answering proficiency.
  • Engaging approach using Games and Storytelling to encourage participation and interaction.
  • Positive pedagogy to boost your child’s self-confidence

Choose the Best Option for your Child
Register now and get S$ 50 off P1, P2 or P3 Program.


Enjoy a very small group session (3 children max) once a week

Start: January 2016

Duration: 55 mins



Enjoy a highly flexible and personalised tuition

Start: As soon as you want

Duration: 25, 40 or 55 mins



One very small group session (3 children max) + One-to-one session once a week

Get the best of the 2 options

Duration: 55 mins + 25 or 40 or 55 mins

VivaLing - P1 program


96% customer satisfaction: our greatest pride

With thousands of sessions already delivered, VivaLing customers state that the effectiveness of the learning, the convenience of the solution, and the special care they enjoy account for their very high satisfaction and loyalty.

Here is the feedback from Sarah, mother of Judith (P1) and Sam (P3):

How did you start with VivaLing?

At first, Vivaling provided fun online learning with games and creativity, which my son really enjoyed. It was a source of good general learning of English and Mandarin while stimulating the child’s interest. As I observed the teachers, I realized that they possibly could do much more for my son since they had solid teaching skills and resources, I then approached their Singapore operations staff who were so understanding and flexible.

How did VivaLing help your child with his P3 curriculum?

I requested that for Mandarin they teach my son the Singapore school syllabus, including composition and oral. I was delighted that they enthusiastically took on the job and carefully tutored him to standard. For English, they also took in all my feedback and tailored our lessons according to what I requested.

What do you like about small group sessions?

My daughter was absolutely delighted when the small group lessons were launched and she had the opportunity to have online lessons with her good friends! She looked forward to each small group session with keen anticipation. I could always hear much laughter and squeals of delight from her during the lessons, clear evidence that she was just having a marvelous time! They also loved competing with one another in games. Despite that, I saw that the lessons were still solid teaching and the kids learned a lot from them. That is probably the best way to learn!

How is VivaLing different from other tuition centres?

I have no doubt that their teachers are excellent and dedicated in their mission to accomplish their goals for each student and meet parents’ needs and expectations. Their focus on building a close teacher-pupil relationship has enhanced the learning experience for my son. It has so far been an ingenious and highly effective learning method which I certainly will be using for a long time to come!

Come and join VivaLing’s community! We are looking forward to meeting you!



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