VivaLing selected as one of the best EdTech start-ups in Asia




Singapore-based VivaLing, the world’s first online language academy for kids, has just been selected as one of the 10 EdTech start-ups in Asia to be part of Bett Asia Leadership Summit 2015.   VivaLing currently teaches English, Mandarin, Spanish and French to young learners, aged 3 to 15, in 18 countries across Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.


Investing in childhood

Childhood is the best period in life to learn languages. This special gift must be tapped while it is still available. However children must be offered the right pedagogical and motivational set-up”, states Head of Operations and co-founder WANG Zihan.

Through real-time video with native language coaches, VivaLing enables young learners to learn the language of their future right from the comfort of their home. VivaLing offers one-to-one or very small groups tuition.


Using science and technology for a better learning

VivaLing uses science and technology to ensure that young learners enjoy the most fruitful experience through hyper-personalized coaching.

As an academy, VivaLing trains its coaches so that each benefits from the cumulative experience of all, and from the latest findings in language-learning sciences. VivaLing also advises families on language-learning strategy and keeps them posted on day-to-day progress.

What makes VivaLing unique and totally different from other tuition market places or schools is that we provide our clients with the best coaches selected from all around the world, offer them the best of new technologies with a child friendly platform and playful learning tools, while providing hyper-personalised coaching for each of our students”, explains CEO and co-founder Bernard GOLSTEIN.



– Extreme flexibility and convenience for both kids and parents

– Hyper-personalised and interactive coaching

– Native and highly qualified coaches

– Shorter and more frequent lessons

– Competitive and friendly pricing


96% of customer satisfaction: our greatest pride

With thousands of sessions already delivered, VivaLing customers state that the effectiveness of the learning, the convenience of the solution, and the special care they enjoy account for their very high satisfaction and loyalty.


I could have never imagined my 5 year old hyperactive son sitting in front of the computer and taking an online 1-1 class for Mandarin, a language he is not too familiar with. I really thought he would give up after a few sessions, but thanks to VivaLing’s fun and interactive methodology, he manages to learn while playing.”

Priya, mother of Ryan, 5 year-old Indian boy learning Mandarin with VivaLing


“Since the first session with VivaLing, my daughter has been totally captivated by the coach’s interesting and lively style of teaching. From her focused expression, I could sense her thirst to explore for more knowledge. Since then, she has always been excited and eager to attend her Spanish and English sessions. A few months have passed now; she can already articulate a lot of Spanish words very well, and her English spelling has also shown vast improvement!”

Judy, mother of Ling Na, 9 year-old Chinese girl learning Spanish and English with VivaLing


 “Ishan did really well in his last Spanish exam. He was particularly thrilled as it was the highest mark in his class. I know your work at VivaLing is not about marks, but about speaking a language, but it’s also great when the child gets gratification in school…So, thanks again for your great work!”

Caroline, mother of Ishan, 14 year-old Indian boy learning Spanish with VivaLing


“VivaLing is the perfect tool to help Ava develop her confidence in speaking Chinese. At school, she has very few opportunities to have a discussion in Chinese. Thanks to VivaLing, she has someone twice a week to talk to in Chinese, to tell about all this part of her school life that I am not always capable to follow.”

Olivia, mother of Ava, 6 year-old French girl going to Singaporean local school and learning Chinese with VivaLing


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