Noel amitié

Podcast VivaLing – Noël dans les pays anglophones

Plus que quelques jours avant le jour de Noël…

Après avoir exploré les traditions de Noël en France, Chine, Espagne et Allemagne dans un premier Christmas podcast , nous vous invitons à découvrir les traditions des pays anglo-saxons. Et encore une fois, on vous assure que vous allez découvrir des choses surprenantes !

Voici le script du podcast sur Noël

What’s my favourite time of year?  It has to be Christmas..

And why not?  After all – think of all the nice things we associate with Christmas; relaxing with the family, eating good food, giving and receiving presents, decorating your house…. It`s hard not to like any of this.

But today we want to teach you some interesting facts about Christmas in English speaking countries that you might not know.

Everybody knows that Christmas is popular in the USA, the UK and in other English speaking countries.   India, Australia and Canada were all British colonies in the past.  But which of them holds the Guinnes World Record for the biggest ever Christmas Tree made up of people.. 4030 people got together in the shape of a Christmas tree, but where… India, Australia or Canada? Answer at the end of this podcast.

In England , children write letters to Father Christmas.  In the USA people have competitions to see who has the most beautiful street and in Australia people get together to see their families.

But I`m going to tell you 5 things about Christmas in English speaking countries that not everybody knows… however, you must pay attention because not everything is true.

In fact, two of the facts will contain information that is false. Listen carefully to try and work out what you believe and don`t.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but many symbols we associate with Christmas are even older than that.  The Christmas tree is a symbol that even in the middle of winter, plants are alive and the spring will return. Mmmmm. Is that true?


cadeau de Noël


The name Santa Claus comes from Saint Nicholas.  He was a good man who lived about 300 years after the birth of Jesus and he became famous for giving money and gifts to unfortunate animals.  He is the inspiration behind the story of Father Christmas. Mmmmmm, but is it true?

Christmas is a very popular celebration now in the USA, but that has not always been the case. Until 1681 celebrating Christmas was against the law and anyone who celebrated was arrested and fined (made to pay money).  Mmmmmm but is it true?

Christmas is dangerous. Every year 15000 people in the USA are taken to hospital because of accidents when decorating their houses.  Be careful now- that Christmas Tree could be dangerous.  Mmmmm but is it true?

In Trafalgar Square in the centre of London there is a very beautiful present that the country of Norway gives to England every year.  It is a giant inflatable model of Father Christmas, which sings Christmas songs. Mmmmmm. But is it true?

Let`s summarise our Christmas facts …

I suppose you want me to tell you what is true and what is false.

I  will do but only if you promise to ask someone else the same questions- maybe you can make it into a game to play with your family over the Christmas dinner.

That way – you are not only learning more about Christmas, but also improving your English.

lettre de Noel

It`s true that people put “Christmas“ trees in their houses before Jesus was born.  The ancient people in Europe did this to mark the coldest and darkest days of winter.

It`s also true that Saint Nicolas was the original Father Christmas or Santa Claus.  He was kind, and generous, but he didn`t give money to animals.. They don`t understand what money is.. He gave it to important people.

It`s hard to believe but in the USA celebrating Christmas really was against the law.  The puritan church was very serious and they didn’t like parties and people having fun.

It is also true that 15000 people every year have accidents when putting up decorations.  Make your house look nice, but be careful.

The last fact is not true.  The country of Norway gives London a present every year – a very tall and green Christmas Tree – not an inflatable Father Christmas.


So what about the question from the start of this podcast …India, Australia and Canada were all British colonies in the past.  But which of them holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest ever Christmas Tree made up of people.. 4030 people got together in the shape of a Christmas tree, but where… India, Australia or Canada?

The answer is India.. which just goes to show that everyone loves Christmas .

There is one more thing which is very important for everyone to remember at Christmas time.  It doesn`t matter if you go to church or which religion you believe in – or even if you don`t have a religion.  Think of this time of year as a time when you can be happy – but try to be nice to people less fortunate than yourself.

Pay attention to your older relatives… They love it when you speak to them.

Take some food or drink to the old man who lives in the street.

Be kind to animals.

Make it a special day – but not just for you.

Thanks for listening – and … a Merry  Christmas and a Happy New year.