Preparing for your first VivaLing session

Here are some instructions to help you prepare before meeting your coach.

1 - Tools to download and how to get to your teacher's Zoom meeting room:

For the best possible experience, we recommend that you do your classes on a computer or tablet.

2 - Objective 1st session

During the 1st session, the coach will establish a friendly and welcoming environment to:

3 - Session report and video

Your session report and the video of the session are put online and sent to you within a maximum of 48 hours after the session.
These documents are confidential and only you have access to them. They allow you to review your learning from one session to the next.
If you have any pedagogical questions, your coach is your BEST contact. His/her e-mail address is displayed next to his/her name on your personal space.

4 - Cancellation policy

Any session can be cancelled or rescheduled without charge up to 24 hours before the start time. Within the 24 hour window before the session, the amount will be debited.