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Frequently Asked Questions

A basic introduction to VivaLing. Do not hesitate to drop us a line if your question is not on this page. 


We select two teachers whose experience and availability best match your project. To help you choose your head coach, discover their introduction on your customer account and choose the personality that suits you best. The two teachers we recommend remain your reference coaches, and you can learn with both on an alternating basis or choose one of them as your primary coach. Both have access to your pedagogical file and can take over in the event of the absence of one or the other.

To add a language, simply click on the “add a session” button in your VivaLing account and choose the language and the applicable student.

Of course! Every student has different needs, schedules change and projects evolve. Contact, and we will select the best teachers for your new situation.

The duration depends on the student’s age, ability to focus, goals and schedule.
Up to middle school, we recommend 15-minute and 25-minute sessions. From middle school onwards and for exam preparation, the 40-minute and 55-minute sessions are more designed for in-depth work.
It is very easy to manage since you select the duration for each session booked.

You will receive a reminder email 48 hours and 1 hour prior to each session. Only one email address can receive these reminders. Our tip for multiple recipients to receive notifications: install the VivaLing application on the phones and/or tablets of other family members. The Vivaling app automatically sends notifications to anyone connected.

Our Coaches

Our teachers are carefully selected from thousands of candidates around the world. We only select those who meet 3 criteria: 1/ being a native speaker, 2/ having a teaching diploma 3/ having a minimum of 2 years of experience as a teacher with a young audience. Each teacher is specialized in one or more age groups and can thus meet the specific needs of each of our young students.

Next to the name of your teacher is his or her email. Contact your coach if you have any questions about the course content. For any questions regarding the functionality of your customer account, please write to

Our objective is to offer vibrant, personalized and highly interactive sessions. Connected by video conference, the teachers share a broad range of material and, above all, they adapt it to the age and level of each student, with puppets and nursery rhymes for the youngest, educational applications, quizzes and animated challenges for the oldest and textual and audio supports for adults.


The price is different for each duration. 80% of our students choose to benefit from the decreased rates of our packs. You will find all our rates here.

To book a session, the fee must be available in your customer account. The cost of a session is debited at the time of each reservation. Therefore, you only pay for what you use.

Our packages are credited to your family account with an additional bonus. For example, a $199 package costs $199 but is enriched with a bonus of $12, the equivalent of a free 15-minute lesson; in total $211 are credited to your account. Our largest package is $999 and gives you a bonus of $120, the equivalent of ten 15-minute lessons offered.

Payments can be made via Paypal or credit card.

Spread the word about VivaLing  and win free lessons! Discover our Ambassador program that allows you to offer free trial sessions to your friends and also win free lessons for you and your children! For more information, check our VivaLing Ambassador Program.

Cancellation and refund policy

You can cancel and reschedule your sessions without penalty up to 24 hours before the course.

We don’t think you’ll change your mind, as it almost never happens. 🙂 However, if this is the case, in the first (1st) month following your purchase we will refund you at our discretion any unused credit after deducting the administrative fees and free bonuses given with the packs. All details are in our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

If the cancellation takes place outside the 24-hour window prior to the session, the refund is processed immediately to your account. Within the 24-hour window, our support team will credit your account as soon as possible. Thus, in all cases, your course is refunded.

Beyond the first month, unused credits are not refundable. However, it is possible to transfer your credit to another learner or family member. All you have to do is find someone in your entourage who wants to acquire your credit.

Our Sessions

Our sessions are 100% personalized and, therefore, are all different. A basic session consists of several sequences. During the introduction, the student and teacher (re)make contact and quickly review previous content. Part of the course is devoted to the introduction of new concepts that are practiced through different interactive activities. Another sequence returns to the notions already practiced to anchor the learning. Before the end of each session, the teacher reviews the vocabulary or grammar points studied to ensure that the student has understood and integrated everything.

The topics taught vary from one course to another depending on the student’s age, level and objectives. Thus, a young child may learn colors in English by talking about Peppa Pig while a teenager may develop his vocabulary by talking about Brexit or Harry Potter.

All sessions are recorded, stored in your customer account and are password protected. If you have left your child alone during the class, you can review what happened. In any case, you can use these video recordings to review what was learned from one session to the next.

Our Pedagogy

Yes. Our teachers follow a curriculum that has been designed and thought out by experienced didactics, and it is based on the most modern methods of neurolinguistics. If a teacher is required to follow a specific curriculum, he or she may also customize the content in relation to his or her own experience and according to the needs and objectives of each student.

It is possible to monitor the progress of each student through their session report and video recording provided at the end of each session. VivaLing also offers a formal evaluation at regular intervals carried out over two sessions. This assessment is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in order to guarantee you an international teaching standard.

VivaLing’s teachers adapt to the needs of each student. They are able to assist a student with a specific school program. Just simply provide them with all the required information (by email at least 48 hours before the session).

Security and privacy

All our sessions are recorded and protected by a personalized password. No image is used for promotion purposes without the explicit agreement of the family.

All our customer data is treated with the utmost respect and remains absolutely confidential in accordance with the DGPS. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at



Sessions are held on a computer or tablet equipped with a microphone and camera (internal or external). You need a connection with a minimum of 0.6 Mbps. You can check the quality of your internet connection on We use the Zoom video conferencing system and invite you to test it before joining your first session.

Your customer account is available on your usual browser from a computer, tablet or smartphone. From your account, you can book, cancel and reschedule your sessions, top up and consult your past sessions. On a tablet via the VivaLing application, you can also connect to your session as well as view your past sessions and session videos.

Reminders are sent by email 48 hours and 1 hour prior to each session. Also, if you install our VivaLing application on the phones and tablets of session beneficiaries, they will receive their own notifications. Create your own reminders on your personal calendar or activate these reminders on a shared family calendar. The fridge schedule also remains a safe bet. 😉

Our coaches are trained to assist you in the most common troubleshooting tasks. If problems persist, contact our platform, and our advisors will contact you immediately. Take screenshots of the problem so that our technical team can easily identify the difficulty you encountered.

The teacher can share control of the screen so that the learner can write, draw or point to an element. The computer keyboard and mouse are more convenient, but a tablet’s screen also allows this feature.