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The referral program is designed for users who wish to:

Our ambassadors are rewarded for their commitment!

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25-minute sessions

Get free language lessons with the referral program!

Tell others about Vivaling and become an ambassador for our language learning programs.

There is no one better than a satisfied customer to tell others about the quality of the language courses offered by VivaLing.

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"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have." (Leonard Nimoy)

A referral program where everyone wins

For our current customers

Share your experience

Tell your friends, colleagues, and family members about VivaLing, about how your VivaLing classes are going, and about how you or your children are learning each week with your favorite language coaches.
Don’t forget to show them a short video of your classes, or invite them to visit our YouTube page to discover our recorded sessions!

For the Referred Friend

Discover VivaLing and all its potential, its videos, its courses, its podcasts

Treat yourself by participating in an innovative learning program.
Progress in a new language with an immersive and motivating method.
Take advantage of your first free session to discover the quality of our fun and effective VivaLing courses.

Each referred person can become a future VivaLing ambassador as well.

How does the referral program work?

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I want to refer someone

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I get my referral code on my VivaLing account

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My referred friend signs up*, 2 free sessions are credited to my account and 1 free session is added to my referral’s account

*With the 1st purchase of at least one Discovery pack. Offer valid all year long.

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At the 5th qualifying referral, I receive 100€ / $120 / S$160

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I continue to earn free sessions for myself and my referred friends with each new referral

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At the 10th qualifying referral, I receive 150€ / $170 / S$240.

Repeat the process with a brand new cycle!

How to earn more sessions

Think back to your last vacation. You probably visited many touristic locations, ate in restaurants, and visited beautiful places. Of course, as soon as you came back home, you couldn’t wait to share all these beautiful memories with your friends and relatives.

Now, you have become the ambassador of your favorite holiday destination!

Before selecting your perfect vacation getaway, you first researched first-hand reviews for your accommodations, restaurants, and more. You trusted the personal testimonies of your acquaintances and those you read on the internet.

That’s why the VivaLing referral program was designed!

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Programme ambassadeur VivaLing

Share your experiences

Get your link (unique referral code) and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, or why not with your boss!

Express your appreciation for VivaLing’s courses in contrast to other language learning programs that may not have fully met your needs.

Tell your friends how your VivaLing classes are going, how you or your children are learning each week with your favorite teacher(s), and the progress you have made since you began your adventure with VivaLing. You can even share a video of the lessons you or your child have enjoyed most!

Proof by example, there is no better guarantee! 🙂

Offer language sessions to our ambassadors

You know people who want to speak a new language without worry and parents who are concerned about their children’s progress being restricted by the traditional language learning approach.

Thanks to the VivaLing method, and thanks to you, they can :

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Cours de langues en ligne | Apprendre une nouvelle langue avec VivaLing

Share your referral code, and get rewarded!

What are you waiting for?

Become a VivaLing ambassador today! 🙂

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