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All our coaches are qualified native and native-level speakers with years of experience

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We teach English, Spanish, German, Mandarin and French (French as a First Language and French as a Foreign Language).

Classes to Suit Everyone

Inspired by the communicative approach to language teaching, VivaLing's unique methodology can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities. Our language module, style and pace of each session is customised according to each learner's level and learning objectives.
Learning a language is child‘s play
Reach your goals with VivaLing exam prep classes
Communicate better when travelling!
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Vivaling Course Benefits

100% Personalisation
Our flexible approach uses hobbies and interests to bring learning to life. We offer customised one-to-one classes available from the comfort of your home via desktop or mobile.
Make Learning Fun
Our gamification, unique content and engaging activities make learning enjoyable.
Highest Teaching &
Assessment Standards
Our teaching methodology and system of evaluation are aligned with the international standards including Cambridge Assessment English and CEFR.

Neuroscience and Communicative Based Learning Pedagogy

The Villa Framework - VivaLing’s Unique methodology

VivaLing has a unique approach to ensure effective and helpful online teaching.


The VILLA (VIvaling Language Learning Approach) is a framework used for training and quality assurance — revolving around 15 different elements of successful teaching.


It is used to motivate and evaluate our coaches, and to give our learners the best chance of achieving their goals.

VOLT Certification

The VOLT certificate is the training course taken by all our coaches.


The course provides our coaches with the knowledge they need in neuroscientific (on language learning) and technological advances (on digital support) and introduces them to the VivaLing learning infrastructure. 


VivaLing also continues to train all coaches on an ongoing basis by offering professional development workshops and individual feedback as part of our Quality Assurance programme.

Personalised Teaching Tools Available

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Recommended session duration:
3-7 yo → 15 or 25 min;        8-15 yo → 25 or 40 min;        16 yo+ & Adults → 40 or 55 min.

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