Children have an exceptional language acquisition ability

Now is the time to embark on a life-changing journey. Enrol your children aged 3-18 in one-to-one online video sessions with native language coaches.


group classes VivaLing

Enroll your child and his friends in a fun and interactive Group class. The more, the merrier (and the gentler the pricing)!



Every month, we reward the best referrer and offer 3 free sessions to their kids.


Hannah English coach at VivaLing

I like chatting to my students in their home, in their lives with things they like. I like introducing things in a way that I would introduce my friends or family to something new.



“The VivaLing teachers are excellent and dedicated in their mission to accomplish their goals for each student.”

 Elaine L, mother of Joshua, learning Mandarin with VivaLing

The world’s first online language academy for kids.

Languages currently available are Mandarin, English, Spanish and French.


How we make it happen

We hire the best coaches from all over the world. They are all passionate about teaching and manage to build strong relationships with their students. They adapt the content, the style, and the pace according to the child’s  personality and learning objectives. Other than full immersion, this is probably the fastest way your child will learn.


Simple for parents, wherever you are, whenever you want ! No traffic, no rushing back home, no time wasted, autonomous learners from 6 years old.


Based on the ViLLA pedagogy and boosted by state-of-the-art technology, our sessions are hyper personalized to your child’s needs.

Great Value

VivaLing offers high quality education with friendly pricing thanks to lower logistical costs and optimization everywhere.

Why choose VivaLing?

We record everything for you

Every session that your child attends is recorded and made available to you with the coach’s comments. You child gets to watch it over and over again and it becomes like a second, third or fourth session! You can follow-up progress whenever you want and you gather unforgettable memories.

Learning knows no boundaries (September 2015)

First Smiles

Meet Sabine

Meet Wei

Meet Nuria

Meet Mathilde

We offer you the best coaches

The best coach for your child could be anywhere in the world – and until now there was no way for you to know. No worries, we locate them for you and let you make the final choice. Our coaches are the best skilled and most qualified professionals . They are happy and will make your children happy.

“I can see that my son enjoyed the lessons very much and he is always looking forward to next one.”

Anita – Jeremy’s mother

“I could always hear much laughter and squeals of delight from her during the lessons, clear evidence that she was just having a marvellous time!”

Sharon – Claire’s mother

“Parents have access to the lesson content, the video, and the coach’s feedback. It makes it easier to follow what the children are learning.”

Raymond – Sheryl’s father

How to register

We handle the registration process very carefully so that we can address all your questions and find out as much as possible about your children. You will be guided through this process.

First, book a video-call with one of our Language Consultants.

Second, fill in the information form.

STEP 1 : Schedule A Video-Call

During this first video call, our Language Consultant will explain to you everything about VivaLing and answer all your questions.

STEP 2: Fill-in the Information Form

Now, tell us more about your child by filling in the information form. This will help us find the best coach for him or her.

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