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VivaLing launches the VivaLing Online Language Teaching – Young Learners certification

The future of language teaching is online!

Connectivity and global collaboration combined with technology will enable educators to provide highly personalized, interactive lessons. Today’s children are equipped with everything they need to benefit from this transformation of education.

What about you? Don’t stay back

The VivaLing Online language Teaching (VOLT) certificate prepares you for this new paradigm by exposing you to a perfect blend of theory and practical teaching advice.


VOLT is a professional development program for trained teachers who wish to improve or expand their skills in language teaching for children (3-15 years), in an online or technologically rich environment.

Badge Volt Certification

A complete program

At the end of this program, candidates will have demonstrated their ability to :

What do I get?

With VOLT, you can:


To be eligible for VOLT, applicants must meet the following criteria:

The program

The program takes place over 12 weeks, the first four of which are devoted to training and observation, and the last eight to online teaching and feedback. Time commitment is estimated at 10 hours per week.

In total, the program includes 120 hours of mixed learning.

Learning Phase

During the first four weeks of the course, candidates will develop their skills through four blended learning modules.

Each module will consist of self-taught teaching, observation of recorded videos of the VivaLing session, preparation of missions and two virtual meetings with other candidates and experienced VOLT trainers.

Virtual meetings will take place at fixed hours, scheduled before the course begins. All other tasks may be performed at the candidate’s convenience.

Training Phase

Once they have the necessary knowledge and skills, candidates will have the opportunity to put ideas into practice for eight weeks of observed online teaching practice.

During this phase, candidates will plan lessons, teach young VivaLing learners using our online platform, reflect on their own teaching practice, receive individualized feedback from other VOLT-YL applicants and trainers, observe their peers’ teaching practice and provide feedback, and conduct an independent study project in a related area of interest.

The modules

Each of the five course modules includes self-guided course materials and training based on scientific results and the collective experience of tens of thousands of online VivaLing sessions delivered to date.

This knowledge is complemented by online collaboration and discussions with peers and course trainers, interactive virtual meetings and practical evaluation tasks.

The thematic areas of each module are as follows:

Learning Phase (4 weeks)

Practice Phase (8 weeks)

Evaluation Overview

To obtain certification, candidates must pass a practical assessment task for each module, which demonstrates both their understanding of the subject and the application of this knowledge to the context of e-learning.

The written duties for each module are as follows:

These five written assignments and a summative teaching practice note will contribute to the final outcome of the Distinction, Pass or Fail assessment.

Evaluation of teaching practices

A summative teaching practice score will be based on the candidate’s development