Perfecting foreign language learning with podcasts

Our podcasts are audio contents that accompany you everywhere in your daily life

Listening to content in English familiarizes you with the different English accents.
The more content you listen to in English, the more your brain memorizes and appropriates the language.

Thus, you improve your “spoken” English in a playful and original way.

To make the sessions more interesting and useful, the topics are oriented towards culture, history and daily life.
Our podcasts can be listened to alone or with the family.


By car, at the office or at home, let’s go for a great language trip!

Slang - and how to use it

L'argot - et comment l'utiliser

Slang is informal language – it changes all the time.

Learn some interesting slang words and also some notes of caution about how (and how not) to use them.

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All about South Africa

All about South Africa - Podcast

Learn some facts about this amazing country where many VivaLing English coaches come from.

Listen to recommendations for cool places to visit in South Africa and about curious expressions used in South African English.

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Yes, please. No, thank you. How to be polite in English

How to be polite in English

Being polite shows respect for others and makes people happy.  
But how polite should we be? 
What language should we use to be polite?  
Learn how to be polite in English with 5 handy tips.

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All about Spain - the Vivaling Guide

Podcast about Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations in the world. 
It is also home to one pf the most important languages and cultures in the world. 
Find out more about Spain and improve your English with the Vivaling Guide to Spain.

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Hello and Goodbye - Greetings in English

Hello and Goodbye - Salutations en anglais

Have you ever wondered which greetings are appropriate in which situations?
Have you ever wondered where the words hello and goodbye come from?  
How do people greet each other in other countries?
The answers to these and many other questions are in this podcast.

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What is (real) American Food?

Hamburger meat on a grill

When people think about American food they usually think about Mcdonalds, KFC, Apple Pie, Peanut Butter and Coca- Cola. 
The best way to find out is to ask some of our American coaches at Vivaling what their favourite American food is. 

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French and English!

French and English

The French and English have a long common history.  Lots of rivalry, lots of wars and lots of friendship too.  Hardly surprising that the two languages have so much in common.  Find out more by listening to this podcast. 

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American and British English

American and British English

So many things in common – but so many differences too. Listen carefully to see if you can notice the differences between American and British English.

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Unusual animals - the aye-aye!

Des animaux inhabituels - le aye-aye !

It`s important to learn more about strange animals all over the world.  The more we know, the more we can help them. 
Find out more about the mysterious aye-aye from Madagascar and listen to some ideas about how you can help endangered animals.

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The Vivaling Travel Guide - Ireland

Le guide de voyage Vivaling - Irlande

There are many places you can travel to if you want to improve your English.  
Learn more about Ireland in this podcast and check your understanding qith 5 simple questions. 

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Discrimination - Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter!

Learn more about Black Lives Matter and why it is so important to fight against discrimination.

Listen to VivaLing coaches talk about their experiences!

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How to Improve your English with TV series and films

How to Improve your English with TV series and films

Watching tv series and films in English is an excellent way to improve your English.

These tips will help you to benefit more from the experience.

There’s also a little suprise quizz!

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The Loch Ness Monster

Podcast Monstre du Loch Ness

Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness Monster? What do you think about it?

Could it exist?
Listen to these experts discuss the possibilities and see who you agree with…

But don’t be afraid – Loch Ness is very far away.

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Great medical discoveries

Podcast grandes découvertes médicales

Discover 2 famous scientists, 3 strange medical practices from the past and practice medical vocabulary. All in the same podcast!

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Tips for working and studying at home

Ecole à la maison ou homeschooling

Here are a few tips to organize your day, motivate your children and make the most of the time you spend together as a family.

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Improving your performance in speaking tests

Améliorer vos performances dans les tests d'expression orale

Passing an oral English exam is something you have to prepare for. What are the expressions and turns of phrase to use? How to make a good impression and arrive serene on the day? Coach Tom shares with you his professional advice.

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How to introduce yourself in English ?

Se présenter en anglais

Whether in a professional or personal context, it is often useful to be able to introduce yourself and start a conversation with a new person. What are the usual terms and expressions used to introduce yourself in English? How can you arouse the curiosity of your interlocutor and make a good impression (because the first image you send back is often crucial)?

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Learn English by listening to the News

Breaking news

Have you wondered about how people followed the news in the past?
What is fake news? Is it something new?
Find out more about the news and improve your English with the Viva
Ling English Podcast.

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Christmas in English-speaking countries

Noel dans les pays anglosaxons

Only a few days left until Christmas Day… After exploring Christmas traditions in France, China, Spain and Germany in a first Christmas podcast, we invite you to discover the traditions of the Anglo-Saxon countries. And once again, we assure you that you will discover surprising things!

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Noel a travers le monde

There are many different Christmas traditions around the world. In this podcast we look at four traditions: one in France, one in China, one in Germany and one in Spain. Try and guess which is which.

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How about Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is a very important festival in the USA. But why? When? And how do they celebrate it? Find out more and improve your listening with this new VivaLing podcast..

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Are you familiar with the Bonfire Night party?

Bonfire night

We invite you to discover a new British tradition: Bonfire Night. Every 5th November, at nightfall, the United Kingdom’s skies are lit up with a thousand lights as fireworks are set off from every home. But what is this party all about?

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VivaLing launches The English VivaLing Podcasts to help all its students, young and old, learn English by talking about culture, traditions and history. Find the 1st VivaLing podcast on Halloween. And for those who wish to read the text while listening to it, here is the complete transcript of the podcast on Halloween.

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