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ViLLA©: A unique method for learning foreign languages

VivaLing has developed its own learning method combining neuroscience, positive pedagogy and technology: the ViLLA© (VivaLing Language Learning Approach) method.

Whatever the motivation to learn might be, the VivaLing method has been designed to maximise interaction between coaches and learners. The sessions are personalised and take into account the interests and unique needs of each learner.

Who is the ViLLA© method for?

Teaching a foreign language to children

How do we make it fun for children to learn languages? Since our early success stories in Singapore, the VivaLing team has been continuously developing a unique teaching method specifically designed  for children as young as 3 years old.

Children’s abilities to learn a language differ considerably from those of adults. It is by taking advantage of this “receptive period” and using the right learning drivers that VivaLing achieves spectacular results in just a few sessions.

Père et enfant eLearning
eLearning Adultes

Foreign language courses for adults

We increasingly need to speak a foreign language in our professional life. To do so, we need to practice fluently, regularly.

We have set up several themes that meet the needs of students and adults.

Our method is based on the neuroscience

quotient culturel Gerd altmann

Personalised content

Engaging and immersive to help you progress while having fun.

Personalised courses that are adapted to the level and objectives of each learner..

Practical online tools and resources to keep it interesting.

Effective pedagody

Experienced coaches who capture attention and keep learners motivated.

Native level coaches with years of experience and full teaching certification. Coaches are carefully selected from thousands of applicants.

Quality customer service: our customer support team provide personlised and rapid responses.

Abundant practice

In communicative language teaching, communication is both a means and an objective of learning.

A unique pedagogy that fully immerses the learner in a new language experience.

Discover the fundamentals of a new language with immediate practice in a fully immersive way.

Our pedagogy is guided by the Communicative Approach

What is VivaLing pedagogy (VILLA©)?

The VivaLing Language Learning Method (ViLLA ©) is a comprehensive pedagogical framework that includes the fundamentals of language learning as well as the pedagogy, tools and skills of the VivaLing Coaches.

All our coaches are comprehensively trained using the ViLLA © pedagogy, ensuring that our learners receive the best language learning experience.

picto equipe



Highly qualified and professional


Active and engaged


Involved and informed


Sharing of good practices

picto on live



Learner-centred, interactive and effective


 Hand-selected to maximise learning for multiple modalities


Selected on a case-by-case basis to optimize learning

picto pedagogie



High relevance of topic, pace and level


Engaging and authentic exposure with implicit and explicit language delivery


Free and focused communication with immediate feedback

picto moteur



Input, Outout, Feedback


Curiosity, reward


Focused, active engagement


Oral and visual cues


Calculated, review, sleep

Point fort de la méthode villa

The main benefits of the ViLLA© method

With VivaLing, learning is made simple!

Online Platform

Take your classes where you want, when you want!

An accessible online pedagogy that gives you complete freedom

Positive and communicative pedagogy

We learn best when we’re having fun. VivaLing offers a unique approach to learning that allows you to have fun and learn at the same time.

Fun and personalised

Inspired by the Structured Communicative Approach and reinforced by the state of the art technology, our ViLLA© pedagogy adapts to the needs of each learner to offer 100% personalised sessions.