Une journée dans une école américaine

Podcast EN : une journée à l’école aux États-Unis (CEFR level A1)

Écoutez Brittany et Josiah parler d’une journée typique à l’école aux États-Unis et essayez de répondre à la question de Brittany.

A school day in the USA

Josiah is 11 years old. He lives in New Jersey in the United States of America. When I think of school in the USA, I think of big yellow buses, lots of sports like basketball and baseball, and the kids getting ready for the Prom – a big party they have at the end of the school year.

But what about Josiah? Let`s see which of these things he mentions when he talks about his school day.

Today we are going to talk about school.

School is where we learn.

Let’s learn some vocab words about school.

Classroom : Classroom is a room where you learn. You may have English class, French class, mathematics class, history class or even science class.
Lunchroom or cafeteria  : This is where we eat lunch.
Nurse`s office : Nurse`s office is where you go if you are sick at school.
Library : Library is where you have lots of books to read.
Music class : Music class is where you learn to play music.
Art class : Art class is where you learn to paint and draw.
Gym class  Gym class is where you play sports.

Here’s our Trivia question: How many students are there in the largest school in the world?
You have to listen to the rest of the podcast to find out.
Now, let’s listen to a conversation about life at school.

B: Hello, Josiah. How is school going?
J: School is going great. I am so excited. Every day I wake up to go to school.
B: Really?
J: Yes. I have many friends at school.
B: Is your school big or small?
J: My school is really big. We have 500 students.
B: Wow! That is a big school. Tell me about your day. What is the first class that you have?
J: My first class is history.
B: Is history a subject that you like?
J: Not at all. But my teacher Mrs. Smith is really nice. So, she makes the class fun.
B: That’s good. What days do you have language classes?
J: I have English class every day, and I have French class Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
B: Who is your English teacher?
J: Mrs. Sara? She is my favorite teacher.
B: I am so happy to hear that your English teacher is your favorite teacher. What are some of the other subjects that you have in school?
J: I have science, mathematics, art class, music class and gym class.
B: Do you have those classes every day?
J: Science, mathematics and gym class I have every day. Art class I have Monday and Thursday, and music class I have Tuesday and Friday.
B: Do you like music class or art class?
J: Music class.
B: What instrument do you play?
J: I play the piano.
B: One day you will have to play the piano for me.
J: I would love to.
B: Good. What are some other rooms in your school?
J: We have the library, the nurse`s office and the lunchroom.
B: Do you often go to the library?
J: No. I really don’t like to read.
B: But in school you have a lot of reading to do.
J: Yeah, that’s true. I went to the nurse’s office for the first time yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well.
B: Do you feel better today?
J: Yes, I do. The nurse took good care of me.
B: That’s good to hear. What are some of your favorite foods in that lunchroom or cafeteria?
J: The cook makes some amazing food: corn, hamburger, French fries, pizza and vegetables.
B: Mm. That sounds so good. Do your teachers give you a lot of homework?
j: Yes. I don’t like homework.
B: But you have to do your homework.
J: Yes, I do.
B: So, it’s Monday. Can you tell me from beginning to end what your day looks like?
J: I wake up at 7 AM and brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I eat breakfast and go to the bus for school. When I get to school, I have history class then science class, art class then gym class, then lunch. After lunch, I have art class and lastly English class.
B: Wow. That is a full day of school.
J: It is, but I love school.
I hope that you have enjoyed the conversation that you just listened to about school.
Do you remember the Trivia question? How many students are there in the largest school in the world?
The largest school is in Lucknow, India. It has 39,437 students and 2,500 teachers. That’s right! It has 39,437 students.

Now let’s review.

Who is Josiah favorite teacher? If you said Mrs. Sara, then you are correct.
Does Josiah like to read? No, he does not.
Does he like music class or art class? You guessed it – music class
Now that you have heard about Josiah’s day at school, tell me about yours.

Thank you, Josiah. Thank you, Brittany. We can see now that school in the USA is not that different really. The big difference for me is that Josiah has gym class every day, and he likes the food in the lunchroom. In my school, the lunch was really bad every day. No hamburgers, no French fries. Just eggs, cold fish and old bread. Lucky Josiah!


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