How to get started with VivaLing

Booking your sessions with VivaLing is easy!

Once you have registered, there are only three steps before you start learning. Watch this short tutorial video.

1. Add a language to learn

In the “Language courses” section:

2. Choose your coach

You will get a selection of coaches adapted to the learner’s objectives and available in your time zone.
By clicking on “Read details”, you will access their personal presentation and introduction video. By clicking on “Book” you will have access to their agenda.
If your objectives or availability change, by clicking on “Edit”, you can adjust them and access a new selection of coaches.

3. Use the credit offered to book your first course

Your account has automatically been credited with an amount equivalent to a 25-minute trial session.

Go to the coach’s agenda. Select an available time slot and click on “Book a session”.

This is also where you can choose the length of your sessions and book them in advance, over several weeks, using the “Frequency” menu.

You will receive a confirmation email with the link to your coach’s meeting room to log in on the day of the session.

IMPORTANT – Right now, test your computer or tablet by following this link. This will ensure that everything is working properly before your first session. If you need assistance, contact us at