For Victor and Aude, the World Tour Is a Family Project

For Victor and Aude, the World Tour Is a Family Project

Victor, Paris entrepreneur and founder of (soccer center company) Urban Football, and his wife Aude, manager at BNP Paribas, decided to take a year out to travel the world with their 4 children: Candice 8, Georges 6, Maxime 4 and Emile, 1. They packed a few bathing suits, travel guides, toys and … VivaLing !

Staying in Singapore for a few months, they share the story of this fantastic family adventure with us.

What was the trigger and what is the purpose of your World Tour ?

The arrival of our last son, Emile, and the Victor’s decision to start a new entrepreneurial adventure, gave us the occasion to take this year-long trip.

We wish above all to live a different year, together as a family, and to discover cities that we believe are nice, staying for a few months in each of them. This is the opportunity to do homeschooling for our two eldest children (year 1 and 3), to take time to have a break and think about our priorities in life. This journey is also an opportunity to discover different cultures, and to educate our children in this cultural diversity. We hope that our children will make progress in English, and will want to speak several languages ​​in the future.

For Victor, the trip is an opportunity to find innovative ideas for the launch his a new business when we return to France.

Emile-Victor et aude

What is your itinerary ?

We are alternating short stays in different countries, with longer stays of several months in large cities. Our program includes traveling the West Coast in a camper van, San Francisco, Mexico, Singapore, Bali, and finally New York.

Why did you decide to go as a family on this adventure ?

Because neither of us could imagine travelling the world alone :). The adventure with the whole family is the real goal of our journey


What events and / or encounters have affected you most so far ?

We’ve liked everything: seeing the beautiful West Coast landscapes by campervan, the fireside evenings in the national parks, the energy of San Francisco and its provincial appearance, the calm of the Yucatan beaches and the perfect organization of Singapore in a green environment.

Everywhere we’ve been, we’ve been warmly welcomed by families settled there.

How is your children’s schooling going on during this year ?

Victor gives classes to our 2 eldest kids in the morning, via remote education courses while I take the 2 little ones out – otherwise there would be no possibility of concentrating at home.

What is the importance of languages ​​in your journey ?

We try to educate children in speaking English and different cultures. They also take lessons, especially with Vivaling. In San Francisco, we enrolled them in a public “afterschool” to meet young Americans, and we will do the same in New York in the spring.


Why did you choose VivaLing for your children ?

The service proposed by Vivaling seems to me to be excellent, and very suitable for a year of roaming. With online courses, there’s the possibility of keeping the same teacher and the children can also take advantage of our trips to review the language.

What do you like most about VivaLing ?

Children are able to review the language taught in the sessions, and parents are able to check the children’s progress.

Candice Holbox

What qualities do you think children and young people today will need to succeed in their professional lives tomorrow ?

They’ll need to be curious and adaptable, to take nothing for granted, to have the discernment to make their own choices and the courage to put them into practice. And to speak English !

And after the tour of the world?

Back in Paris, for a new entrepreneurial adventure for Victor.

Victor Augais VivaLing

You can follow Victor and Aude’ s adventures on their blog ( in French)

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