Dialogues d'été pour améliorer votre compréhension orale

EN Podcast: Summer dialogues to improve your listening

Brittany and her nephew are excited because it’s summer for them, but please remember that it is not summer for everybody.

The VivaLing English podcast has listeners all over the world.

We know that if you are listening to this in Namibia, Argentina, Chile or New Zealand, it’s not the summer for you. It’s the winter, but we haven’t forgotten you. Don’t forget. You can either listen to this now and look forward to the summer, or wait until December and listen to it again when it’s summer for you and winter for our listeners in the north.

It’s summer, summer, summer, summertime.

Are you dancing because I’m dancing. I don’t know about you, but summer is my absolute favourite season. For my nephew, it is his favourite holiday because there’s no school. This summer we’re going on vacation. So many people travel to new places during their summer vacation. Some spend time at the beach, play sports, garden and even grill food outside.
Whatever you do or wherever you go this summer, you can have time for relaxation and fun.

At the end of the podcast, you will have to answer the question: Where is summer the most favoured season, in America or in Europe?

Today, we’re going to hear three conversations based on different activities that we do during our summer holiday. First, we’re going to the beach, then shopping, and lastly eating some great food.

Conversation Number 1 Topic: Day at the Beach

◦ Speaker 1: I heard that you are a really great swimmer.
◦ Speaker 2: Yes, I am. I really love to swim.
◦ Speaker 1: Do you want to go to the beach this weekend?
◦ Speaker 2: I would love to!
◦ Speaker 1: Do you have a favourite beach?
◦ Speaker 2: No, as long as the water is crystal clear. I want to go snorkelling and see all the corals under the water.
◦ Speaker 1: That sounds like so much fun. While you’re in the water, I will be building my grand sandcastle. What are some other actives that you like to do at the beach?
◦ Speaker 2: Surf, swim and play kites. Oh, and kayaking. I remember when my uncle took me kayaking. It was so cool! I was very tired afterwards, but it was an experience I will never forget.
◦ Speaker 1: Well, we can’t forget to pack our towel, umbrella, cold water and sunscreen.
◦ Speaker 2: I am going to get started packing today.
◦ Speaker 1: But it’s only Monday. We are going on Saturday.
◦ Speaker 2: I know, but I want to get a head start.
◦ Speaker 1: (Laughs) Ok.

Question 1: What were 4 items that we are packing for our beach day?
If you said towel, umbrella, cold water and sunscreen, you are correct.

Question 2: Our favourite beach is CoCo Beach. Is that true or false?
False because we did not say what our favourite beach was.

Question 3: What day are we going to the beach: Monday, Saturday or Wednesday?
If you said Saturday, you are correct.

Conversation Number 2 Topic: Shopping

◦ Speaker 1: I am having so much fun on my vacation.
◦ Speaker 2: Can we go shopping before we leave?
◦ Speaker 1: Sure! Where do you want to go?
◦ Speaker 2: To a souvenir shop. I want to get a souvenir for my grandma.
◦ Speaker 1: What type of souvenir do you want to get her?
◦ Speaker 2: Definitely a postcard and maybe a refrigerator magnet.
◦ Speaker 1: Yes, she has lots of those. I am not sure where she would fit them all.
◦ Speaker 2: She has some room on the side of her refrigerator for a few more.
◦ Speaker 1:What about your friends at school? Do you want to buy them something?
◦ Speaker 2: Maybe I’ll buy something for Mark. He loves collecting key chains, and for Emma I’ll get some seashells.
◦ Speaker 1: Do you plan on getting yourself a gift?
◦ Speaker 2: I love buying T-shirts to remind me of the amazing trip I had. Are you going to buy something?
◦ Speaker 1: I think I’m going to buy myself a hat. Do you have enough money to pay for all your souvenirs?
◦ Speaker 2: Yes, I made sure of that. I saved enough money for my holiday vacation.
◦ Speaker 1: Let’s make a list before we leave of exactly who we’re buying gifts for so that we don’t forget anyone.
◦ Speaker 2: That’s a great idea.

Question 1: What souvenir is Speaker 2 buying for grandma?
If you said postcard and refrigerator magnet, you are correct.

Question 2: What is Speaker 2 buying for himself?
That’s right – a T-shirt.

Question 3: What is Speaker 1 buying for herself?
You got it – a hat.

Conversation Number 3 Topic: Food and Ice cream

◦ Speaker 1: Hey, Aunt Brittany, can I have some friends over Friday?
◦ Speaker 2: Sure. What would you like to eat?
◦ Speaker 1: Can we grill outside?
◦ Speaker 2: That’s a good idea. Do you know what foods you would like to grill?
◦ Speaker 1: The typical hamburgers and hotdogs.
◦ Speaker 2: Yum! You’re making me hungry. Can you remember the last time we grilled?
◦ Speaker 1: It was last summer at grandma’s house.
◦ Speaker 2: Oh, yes. We had lots of fun.
◦ Speaker 1: Remember how we made ice cream there?
◦ Speaker 2: That’s a great idea. Do you think your friends will like to do that?
◦ Speaker 1: They would love that.
◦ Speaker 2: Ok. Let’s think of some flavours.
◦ Speaker 1: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry are a must.
◦ Speaker 2: Absolutely!
◦ Speaker 1: Maybe Rocky Road, Cookies N’ Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
◦ Speaker 2: Oh, I’m getting excited. This is going to be so much fun. Start inviting everyone, and I will go shopping tomorrow.
◦ Speaker 1: Thanks, Auntie.

Question 1: What foods are we going to grill?
A. hamburgers and hotdogs
B. ice cream
or C. corn and vegetables
If you said A, hamburgers and hotdogs, you are correct.

Question 2: What were the first 3 ice cream flavours that you heard?
Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry

Question 3: Tell me, what is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Do you remember the trivia question from the beginning of the podcast?

Where is summer the most favoured season, in America or in Europe?

Summer is the favourite season for most Europeans.

Autumn is the favourite season for most Americans.

I hope you enjoy every summer that you can because it seems like summer passes us by so quickly. Wherever you go or whatever you do, always remember to live for the sunshine, swim in the sea because friends, sun, sand and sea sound like summer to me. Give me a million summers, and I could never get tired of them. Whatever you do, remember to make lots of memories by taking lots of pictures. Bye-bye! Until next time.

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