Privacy Policy

1. Principles and Objectives

At VivaLing, we understand that your privacy is important and we endeavour to protect your personal information. As used in this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information”  or “Personal Data” means information such as: your name; mailing address; email address; telephone number; or other personal information that may be supplied by you or collected about you as required by us, particularly prior to or during, and as a result of the provision of educational services. We hope that this Policy helps you to understand how we handle and use any personal data after collection.

2. Use of Personal Data

VivaLing understands and respects the privacy of individuals. Personal information is collected with your consent. The purpose for collecting this information varies depending upon your request and will include:

  • helping us to improve our service to you, more specifically towards effective language acquisition;
  • processing your application and/or registration and/or enquiry;
  • tailoring the language session content to the specific needs of your children;
  • informing you of upcoming events;
  • updating your records in our databases;
  • monitoring and maintaining a copy of your record of academic achievement;
  • planning the provision of educational courses and activities;
  • monitoring and enhancing the provision of educational courses and activities;
  • purposes incidental to each or all of the above.

While the supply of the information by you is voluntary, if you cannot provide or do not wish to provide the information sought, VivaLing may be unable to meet the purposes for which the information was collected.

VivaLing compiles this information into a statistical aggregate and uses this information for educational research, internal business and administrative purposes which includes improving our products and service offerings, and enhancing our customer service level. VivaLing will use your personal data from time to time to send you notices about special information, new programmes, and other similar information.

VivaLing will not reveal customer information to any external organisation unless required by law. VivaLing does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. VivaLing will never use any personal data for its external communication or promotional purposes without the explicit written consent of the user / parents. In particular, VivaLing will always seek the explicit written consent of the concerned user or parent before the public use of coaching session videos.

3. Specific private notice for children under 12

It is VivaLing’s policy to limit the collection of personal information from children to only that which is necessary to obtain parental consent or to participate in a VivaLing program or activity after we have obtained parental consent. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to subscribe or create an account. Only a parent, guardian, or teacher can register the children on the site or give them access to any of VivaLing services. As for it, during the registration process, we collect only enough personal information (i.e., parent’s name and email address) necessary to obtain a parent’s permission for his/her child to become a member of VivaLing.

We will seek consent from parents for their children to use VivaLing services through interview or use of a credit card or other payment verification during the registration process. Parents/teachers will be asked to read the Terms and Conditions and accept them by ticking a box during the registration process. Once registered, children don’t have the right to upload personal pictures.

4. General

Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that all personal information will be so protected, VivaLing cannot be responsible for any unauthorised use or misuse of such information and from risks which are inherent in all internet communications.

VivaLing reserves the right to change this Policy with or without notice from time to time.