VivaLing Mandarin AbbyGu-coach

Abby Gu – Mandarin Coach

My name is Yunfeng (Abby) Gu. I am Chinese and I have been living in America since 2011

I got my Master’s degree in Elementary education from Dallas Baptist University in Texas. I started teaching Mandarin as a second language to kids in 2008 and I really enjoy teaching my language to my students: I think this is such a fantastic journey we take together!

My husband and I have a 1-year-old daughter, and currently we are living in Dallas.

I love crafts and enjoy making DIY items for my house. I also love travelling, but I get lost very easily, which makes vacation sometimes longer than what I expected 🙂

VivaLing Mandarin AbbyGu-coach

I enjoy using language as a tool to discover or help people discover other parts of the world

I chose to be a Chinese teacher because I enjoy using language as a tool to discover or help people discover other parts of the world. I also realize how much my own perspective of the world was impacted when I learned English when I was young, and I want to share this experience with others.

VivaLing Mandarin AbbyGu-coach

I joined VivaLing in 2014, and it has been a blast! My students are all over the world, and we have such great conversations about our lives from one country to the other.

I love seeing students get excited about the session and the progress they make over time.

I also love being able to personalize each session to each student based on their level, hobbies, personalities, etc. This is where my teaching expertise becomes really useful and meaningful.

I hope my daughter will also be able to learn another language through VivaLing someday soon.

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