To Read Chinese One Must Start Early

  • Post published:12 July 2017
  • Post category:Languages

In any written language, words are subject to a triple association: sound, spelling and of course meaning. For example, the English word horse refers to the working and racing animal,…

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¡Hola! Let’s Sing Together!

  • Post published:19 April 2017
  • Post category:Languages

Five Spanish songs to inspire your little ones What is your first impression of Spanish language? Passionate, mysterious, could be a mixture of feelings. With 329 million native speakers,…

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Sing It When You Learn It, and Love It!

  • Post published:27 March 2017
  • Post category:Languages

Discover six songs that bring your kids closer to English language Music training speeds up brain development in children, especially in the sound processing function. For very young children, music…

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Do You Speak French?

  • Post published:22 March 2017
  • Post category:Culture

This week is the “Semaine de la Langue Française et de la Francophonie” (Week of French language and cultures). A great occasion to give you more information about this international…

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