VivaLing's foundation: the curriculum

VivaLing’s foundation: the curriculum

Many of our families enjoy the fun and spontaneous aspect of learning at VivaLing and are surprised at what may be the secret to such a successful learning experience. Behind this apparent ease of operation lies a well-honed and structured system, the curriculum! Breaking it down.

A program designed by experts

Behind the playful and amusing facet of its sessions, VivaLing has designed a real pedagogy and progression, giving all its substance to the grammatical and syntax acquisition of its learners, namely, the curriculum, or “syllabus”.

Thought out and designed by highly qualified teaching specialists in their field – called “Master Coaches” – and inspired by the principled communicative approach to language teaching, the VivaLing pedagogy is continually enriched thanks to the community exchanges amongst our coaches and the valuable feedback of our families. It provides our learners with a structured, proven and constantly renewed learning path.

A blend of structure and freedom

The VivaLing curriculum has been designed with the aim of providing our teachers with a solid structure while allowing them a great deal of freedom to customize it – this is the richness of our online language academy: the possibility of fully expressing its cultural and human diversity.

Unlike many other language schools, VivaLing teachers are not given “ready-to-teach” sessions that are repetitive and hinder their creative potential. A true VivaLing hallmark is that it allows for the optimum development of skills and the fulfillment of each individual, in both the teacher and learner.

Learner-centered, always

For this reason, a VivaLing teacher has at his or her disposal a wide range of support material suitable for all ages and abilities – the famous Curriculum. In preparation for a session, the teacher defines his or her objectives, complements the content with the learner’s passions and adds his or her own personal flair.

Behind the screen, the learner has a good time, exchanging with a teacher who has often become a friend, about his passions and his life while constantly progressing thanks to the phenomena of repetition, sleep and various oral and visual memory techniques.

A well-proven mechanism that has paid off, according to the plebiscite of families on our social networks and verified opinions, but also according to the immense pleasure that our coaches take in teaching with the VivaLing method!

A sample curriculum – the intensive courses

Our intensive courses, tailor-made for our families who request them, are a very concrete and popular example of our study programme. For one week, the learner meets his or her coach every day to discuss a theme that has been defined together.

Through a daily discussion rich in vocabulary and interaction, the learner benefits from all the advantages of this intensive exchange: at the end of the week, the difference is often noticeable. Our most inhibited students become real speakers in their second language!

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