Orane, Learning English with VivaLing in Brussels

Meet Orane, Learning English with VivaLing in Brussels

Orane is an 8 year-old, French-Belgian radiant and mischievous girl. She has been learning English with VivaLing for nearly a year. Alexandra, her mother, tells us more about her learning experience and shares her feedback as a mom.

Who are you?

My name is Alexandra, I am French and I have lived in Belgium for more than 10 years. My husband, Frederic, is Belgian. We live in Brussels in a very multicultural environment. Orane, our daughter, is 8 and attends a Belgian school. We wanted Orane to learn English as soon as possible.

Why did you want your daughter to learn English?

I work in English 80% of my time and therefore measure daily the importance of mastering this language. In addition, we travel a lot and, wherever we go, English is the language of universal communication. Learning English is compulsory in our modern world! But as my husband and I are french speakers, it was out of the question to teach her English. We wanted a professional and native English teacher.

Why did you choose VivaLing?

Because it is sooo convenient! Orane can have her lessons without leaving the house – and therefore does not have to put on a big coat, a scarf, a hat…. which takes more than 10 mn before going out! While she is having her lesson, I can always listen while doing my own activities – and therefore understand what she is talking about and what she is learning.

In addition the method is very playful and perfect for my daughter. A real pleasure!

How are your sessions with VivaLing?

We usually have one session a week. The atmosphere is always relaxed and fun, and it is always a great moment of pleasure. Orane’s coach, Felicity, does miracles and we care a lot about her! She’s a part of the family now. Thanks to VivaLing, Orane knows the name of all animals in English. Some better than in French!


Orane, Learning English with VivaLing in Brussels

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