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To Read Chinese One Must Start Early

In any written language, words are subject to a triple association: sound, spelling and of course meaning. For example, the English word horse refers to the working and racing animal, is pronounced /hɔː(ɹ)s/ and spelled h-o-r-s-e. Anyone knowing how to read will be able to pronounce the word relatively correctly even if they have never […]

Education Ventures Thrive in Singapore

Click here to read the article on the Nikkei website SINGAPORE — Education-related ventures are booming in Singapore, in both the domestic and international markets, as these companies win over parents and schools eager to give children exposure to the country’s excellent education system. This, in turn, has drawn a flood of money to Singapore, […]

Your Child’s Journey with VivaLing

Start early, learn well, don’t forget : these are the very simple stages of your child’s Journey with VivaLing. Find out more below about the theoretical framework developed by VivaLing and how it is implemented in order to achieve results. You can also read the related posts throughout our VivaLing blog.  

3 Key Drivers of Second Language Acquisition for Children

Take a child at any given stage of development. All else equal, three key drivers will determine the effectiveness of the child’s foreign language acquisition: quantity of language activities, motivation, and social interaction. What is summarized here as language activities covers in fact several concepts, distinct but complementary, perfectly well introduced by Shumei Zhang (2009) […]

VivaLing Announces Seed Round Exceeding SGD 500k (USD 375k)

For immediate release – Singapore, 13 April 2015 Singapore-based VivaLing, the world’s first online language academy for kids, announced today that it has completed seed round funding exceeding SGD 500k (five hundred thousand Singapore Dollars) from respected local investors. Building on thousands of language coaching sessions given successfully since the inception of the company, the […]