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Cultural Quotient: an asset of children who study foreign languages.

Today’s time with its artificial intelligence likes arithmetic. After measuring the Intellectual Quotient and the Emotional quotient, the Cultural Quotient constitutes a new grail to be quantified and valued. How can we anticipate and improve the use of cultural differences on the globalization highway? Why is it advantageous for a professional career in the future? […]

Easter in Germany: Winter is Leaving

Easter in Germany (Ostern) symbolises the renewal of spring and the victory over winter (a spoiler for Games of Throne fans). The long weekend is a time of celebrations. Their origin is not necessarily religious. Many are inherited from pagan customs of Celtic and Scandinavian origin. The festivities celebrate budding nature and are a source […]

Mistakes, a tool to accelerate foreign languages learning

« When you forbid mistakes, you steal victory »  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Fear of error is the lock of learning. In the context of foreign languages, the avoidance strategy is its most common manifestation. The learner does not dare to answer, looks for the shortest and least risky sentences, or expresses himself in basic mode: […]