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Did you know that more than half of the world population actually grows up speaking more than one language? However, this doesn’t mean that raising a multilingual child is an easy task!

When considering giving your child the opportunity to learn 2 or more languages, whether you’re bilingual or not, you may wonder:

  • Am I doing the right thing for my child?
  • Is all this really worth it?
  • Will this have an impact on his/her well-being?
  • Am I asking too much from him/her?

Here are the Top 5 Myths you should know before launching into the fantastic adventure of multilingualism!

A Foreign Online Language Academy for Kids Enters China




微龄专业儿童语言教师均为纯正母语者,全部拥有本科或研究生学历。所有教练不仅拥有TESOL英文教学资格证,而且均通过专门针对儿童在线教学的VOLT- YL的培训和考核认证。

据了解,目前国内已有多家在线教育机构,但教师培训及认证情况并不乐观。儿童教育专家指出,对于儿童语言在线教育,教师的培训尤为重要。因为儿童获取语言的方式和成人有很大差异,如果没有专门针对儿童的学习特性进行相关培训,那么教学效果很有可能并不理想。 “而目前国内多数学校所宣称的TESL/TEFL培训认证体系并非直接针对儿童,也不适合在线教学。” 微龄学习部总管Abbie Adeyeri介绍道,“不仅如此,教师所使用的课程体系同样需要针对儿童在线教育而特别开发”





王子涵向记者说道: “没有孩子不喜欢学习外语,只是传统的教学法往往难以调动孩子积极性。微龄的个性化课程能够精准找到每一位孩子的独特个性,结合孩子的性格和喜好来量身打造最让他心动的个性化课程。不仅让孩子成绩提高,更让他乐在其中。”

Personalized and Professional Language Teaching for Kids







VivaLing featured in TechinAsia

29 edtech startups across Southeast Asia with some funding and traction

TechinAsia - April 2016

Startups that tackle problems in Southeast Asia’s education system aren’t exactly writing big headlines with multi-million dollar funding rounds, but they’re around. Some have been offering online education services for many years – Zenius from Indonesia dates all the way back to 2004.

If China’s startup ecosystem is an indicator of things to come, the amount of venture capital that flows into the region’s edtech sector will pick up. Early signs of that are visible today.

An influx of venture capital (VC) is certainly going to shake up the current landscape. With little funding to fall back on, most startups have grown frugally and stayed focused on relatively local problems. VC will let founders think bigger, but it will also increase pressure as startups battle for dominance and profitability. That, too, is something we’ve observed in China.

Here’s a list of edtech companies in Southeast Asia that have raised funds, but also some bootstrapped ones that have caught our eye.

21. VivaLing

VivaLing is an online language learning academy for kids. Children can learn Mandarin, English, Spanish, or French with professional coaches.

The startup received a US$375,000 seed round from an angel investor in 2015 and monetizes through selling its classes.


The Secret to Mastering English and Chinese


Kiasuparents offer

  • Are you looking for an efficient, convenient and value-for-money way to help your child master English or Chinese?
  • Are you not 100% satisfied with the traditional tuition’s approach?
  • Do you want your child to learn and achieve high academic goals without pressure and with a kid-friendly pedagogy?

If you have answered YES to one of these questions, then VivaLing is for YOU!


VivaLing - P1 program - 2


Fun and interactive online tuition

VivaLing currently teaches English, Mandarin, Spanish and French to young learners, aged 3 to 15, in 20 countries across Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.

Through real-time video with native language coaches, VivaLing enables young learners to learn the language of their future from the comfort of their home.


P1 Group Sessions – Chinese from VivaLing on Vimeo.

Your Child has an exceptional gift for languages

As many scientific studies have already shown, childhood is the best period in life to learn languages. This special gift must be tapped while it is still available.

However children must be offered the right pedagogical and motivational set-up. In order to learn efficiently, your child needs 3 key drivers to master another language:

  • Exposure
  • Motivation
  • Social interaction

VivaLing uses science and technology to ensure that young learners enjoy the most fruitful experience through hyper-personalized coaching.


  • Extreme flexibility and convenience for both kids and parents
  • Hyper-personalised and interactive coaching
  • Native and highly qualified coaches
  • Shorter and more frequent lessons
  • Competitive and friendly pricing

Why choose VivaLing? What makes us different from other Online Tuition Centres?

  • Class size: our ratio is 1:3 maximum in order to enhance the interaction between the teacher and the children
  • The quality of our coaches: all our coaches are, of course, native speakers and qualified teachers, but they also have a strong background in working with children – this is why we select them!
  • The extreme flexibility: if you go for one-to-one sessions, you can chose the time and date that suits you best, and choose between a 25-, 40- or 55-minute session in order to match your child’s needs
  • The possibility to mix group sessions with one-to-one sessions in order to enhance the learning experience for each child
  • Chinese AND English AND much more: with VivaLing, you can master Chinese and English, but also French and Spanish. The World is Yours!
  • Our worldwide experience: VivaLing is an international company with students in 20 countries around the world. Our experience and network make a big difference and are a token of quality.

Is your child in Primary classes? Get the best for him!

VivaLing proposes a yearly program for P1, P2 and P3 students starting from January 2016.

  • Academic Program based on the MOE curriculum, reviewing vocabulary competency, reading and writing skills, as well as understanding and answering proficiency.
  • Engaging approach using Games and Storytelling to encourage participation and interaction.
  • Positive pedagogy to boost your child’s self-confidence

Choose the Best Option for your Child
Register now and get S$ 50 off P1, P2 or P3 Program.


Enjoy a very small group session (3 children max) once a week

Start: January 2016

Duration: 55 mins



Enjoy a highly flexible and personalised tuition

Start: As soon as you want

Duration: 25, 40 or 55 mins



One very small group session (3 children max) + One-to-one session once a week

Get the best of the 2 options

Duration: 55 mins + 25 or 40 or 55 mins

VivaLing - P1 program


96% customer satisfaction: our greatest pride

With thousands of sessions already delivered, VivaLing customers state that the effectiveness of the learning, the convenience of the solution, and the special care they enjoy account for their very high satisfaction and loyalty.

Here is the feedback from Sarah, mother of Judith (P1) and Sam (P3):

How did you start with VivaLing?

At first, Vivaling provided fun online learning with games and creativity, which my son really enjoyed. It was a source of good general learning of English and Mandarin while stimulating the child’s interest. As I observed the teachers, I realized that they possibly could do much more for my son since they had solid teaching skills and resources, I then approached their Singapore operations staff who were so understanding and flexible.

How did VivaLing help your child with his P3 curriculum?

I requested that for Mandarin they teach my son the Singapore school syllabus, including composition and oral. I was delighted that they enthusiastically took on the job and carefully tutored him to standard. For English, they also took in all my feedback and tailored our lessons according to what I requested.

What do you like about small group sessions?

My daughter was absolutely delighted when the small group lessons were launched and she had the opportunity to have online lessons with her good friends! She looked forward to each small group session with keen anticipation. I could always hear much laughter and squeals of delight from her during the lessons, clear evidence that she was just having a marvelous time! They also loved competing with one another in games. Despite that, I saw that the lessons were still solid teaching and the kids learned a lot from them. That is probably the best way to learn!

How is VivaLing different from other tuition centres?

I have no doubt that their teachers are excellent and dedicated in their mission to accomplish their goals for each student and meet parents’ needs and expectations. Their focus on building a close teacher-pupil relationship has enhanced the learning experience for my son. It has so far been an ingenious and highly effective learning method which I certainly will be using for a long time to come!

Come and join VivaLing’s community! We are looking forward to meeting you!




Want to sign your child up for a new language class? Online language academy VivaLing offers effective and interactive lessons so your child can learn to speak a foreign language with confidence (plus lessons happen right in the comfort of home!)


Learning a different language is a fantastic life skill for children to pick up in their early years. While language learning may sometimes be difficult for adults, it’s an enormously rewarding adventure for young children. But if the thought of settling your child into yet another new environment (and fitting it into your schedule) is a little daunting, here’s the great news – thanks to VivaLing, your child can now effectively learn a foreign language in an interactive, virtual classroom. The school has recently launched a new program for students in Primary One to Primary Three – a key age for young learners to pick up foundational bilingual skills.

The world’s first online language academy for kids, Singapore-based VivaLing facilitates learning through real-time video sessions with native-speaking, carefully selected international coaches. Regardless of your child’s learning pace or abilities, their needs will be fully attended to as the academy heavily emphasises hyper-personalised coaching. While learning anything new may be perplexing, the school’s positive approach helps boost self-confidence and morale in its students – making the experience fun and accomplishable. Parents are involved in the children’s learning too: the school provides families with effective language-learning strategies and keeps mums and dads updated on day-to-day progress.


Combined with its state-of-the-art technology and child-friendly, interactive learning tools, VivaLing offers high-end education for your kids, with the bonus of convenience. Learning can take place anytime and anywhere you want; for working parents, this is an absolute dream – no need for the mad dash from the office to get your kids to an after-school class!

VivaLing currently offers English, Mandarin, Spanish and French to its students, with options of one-to-one lessons or small group tuition. Its young learners, aged three to fifteen years old, are scattered across the world – as far as Europe and the Middle East. With its lower logistical costs, prices are kept family-friendly – $288 for 10 sessions of 25-minute One-to-One tuition, and $388 for one term of Very Small Group 55-minute tuition. This is exceptional value for what it offers: the chance for effective, personalised language-learning from the comfort of your own home.

How it works 
Simply select the language you wish for your child to learn. VivaLing will propose various options for coaches, and the choice is for you and your child to select based on personality and availability. You can then book a slot based on the coach’s agenda. Session durations are based on the age of the child. Children five to six years old are recommended 15 minute sessions. For children seven to eight years old, sessions are kept at 25 minutes while older kids are offered 40 to 55-minute classes. Each session is recorded and will be sent to you after the lesson for easy revision.

Watch the video below to see VivaLing in action!


VivaLing has recently launched a new program for students in Primary One, Primary Two and Primary Three. Supported by highly qualified coaches, the curriculum is in line with MOE’s Learning Outcomes and Detailed Skills framework. Register your child now for the Very Small Group sessions and receive a 25% with the special code VL20151124SGvsgHK! Visit VivaLingfor further details.

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来自 36Kr 的报道:《新加坡儿童家教平台微龄VivaLing:其实,老师教的好比什么都重要》



VivaLing(微龄)想做的事,是给3-15岁的儿童一个沉浸式学习语言的环境。为了帮助孩子们充分利用这个语言学习的黄金年龄,微龄汇集了一批来自世界各地、具备专业教师资格的native speakers,为他们进行一对一视频授课。



Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 7.25.17 PM