Foreign Educationists Bullish on Prospects in India

India VivaLing development

SINGAPORE: Foreign educationists are bullish on prospects of setting up learning institutions in India, given the country’s multi-pronged initiatives to skill the youths, a private language learning establishment has said.

“The Indian market is in great demand of language classes that are more communicative and less focused on the traditional grammar-translation method,” said Bernard Golstein, chief executive and co-founder of the Singapore- based VivaLing, an online language learning establishment.

“VivaLing is currently exploring ways of a vast market entry, both in B2C (retail mode) and B2S (partnerships with schools).

“B2C is usually one-to-one classes, while B2S usually caters to small groups of up to 10 people, lowering the costs while still offering excellent teachers and teaching quality,” said Golstein.

Vivaling teaches online Mandarin, Spanish and French and includes Indian students.

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