With the New VivaLing App, Learning Languages Is a Breeze!

We are very pleased to announce the official launch of the new VivaLing application on the Appstore.
Simple, ergonomic and intuitive, the new VivaLing application handles session notifications, delivery and post-session information.
With the app, children are fully autonomous to join their online session with a single click and have easy access to previous session reports and videos. No need for any adult support! As for caregivers, they get reminded of upcoming sessions with push notifications.

How does it work?

Nothing’s easier. Just two steps to install the VivaLing application on your iPad and your iPhone.
1- Download the new VivaLing application from the Appstore onto your iPad and / or your iPhone – it’s free!
2- Connect with the same password and username as the ones you use on the VivaLing website.
There you go, the application is installed!


VivaLing -APP

We recommend that your child should use the app on an iPad. With a large screen interaction with the coach and use of interactive tools are so much easier!


Features that make your life – and your child’s – easier!

  • All future sessions at a glance in “Upcoming sessions”
    All the sessions booked for your children are immediately visible in the “Upcoming sessions” tab
    If you have several children enrolled in VivaLing, you can sort by child using the drop-down menu under the “All Students” tab.

Application VivaLing -2

  • Timely notifications
    The VivaLing application pushes notifications on your phone and / or iPad to remind you of upcoming sessions. You can receive up to two notifications prior to the session – for example, a notification 1 hour before the session and another 5 minutes before (this is the default setting).
    To set up your notifications, simply go to your Parent account on the VivaLing website and customize this option in the “Change profile” tab.
  • Last minute chat with Coach and VivaLing support
    Is there something you need to tell the coach at the last minute? Click on the “Chat” icon of the corresponding session: your coach, yourself and VivaLing support will be able to dialogue just as you would on WhatsApp. You may also receive messages from the coach in which case you will be notified.
  • Single-click connection to a session
    To join a session, just click on the corresponding “Join” button.
    Note that a session becomes accessible only 4 minutes before its scheduled start time when the Join button is activated.
  • Access to all past reports and videos in “Past sessions”
    Your child can see the videos of his or her previous sessions in the “Past sessions” tab by clicking Watch Video and entering the usual video password.
    Your child can also read the coach’s comments by clicking “View Report”.

Application VivaLing -1

Please note: the VivaLing application does not allow payment or session booking. Both features are still available on the website in your Parent account.

We invite you to download the app today and use it for your child’s next session!

We value your feedback! Feel free to send us your comments to info@vivaling.com.
See you soon @ VivaLing!


Contact: Ludivine Hamy – Head of Marketing and Communications – ludivine@vivaling.com – +65 9677 3974

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