Want to sign your child up for a new language class? Online language academy VivaLing offers effective and interactive lessons so your child can learn to speak a foreign language with confidence (plus lessons happen right in the comfort of home!)


Learning a different language is a fantastic life skill for children to pick up in their early years. While language learning may sometimes be difficult for adults, it’s an enormously rewarding adventure for young children. But if the thought of settling your child into yet another new environment (and fitting it into your schedule) is a little daunting, here’s the great news – thanks to VivaLing, your child can now effectively learn a foreign language in an interactive, virtual classroom. The school has recently launched a new program for students in Primary One to Primary Three – a key age for young learners to pick up foundational bilingual skills.

The world’s first online language academy for kids, Singapore-based VivaLing facilitates learning through real-time video sessions with native-speaking, carefully selected international coaches. Regardless of your child’s learning pace or abilities, their needs will be fully attended to as the academy heavily emphasises hyper-personalised coaching. While learning anything new may be perplexing, the school’s positive approach helps boost self-confidence and morale in its students – making the experience fun and accomplishable. Parents are involved in the children’s learning too: the school provides families with effective language-learning strategies and keeps mums and dads updated on day-to-day progress.


Combined with its state-of-the-art technology and child-friendly, interactive learning tools, VivaLing offers high-end education for your kids, with the bonus of convenience. Learning can take place anytime and anywhere you want; for working parents, this is an absolute dream – no need for the mad dash from the office to get your kids to an after-school class!

VivaLing currently offers English, Mandarin, Spanish and French to its students, with options of one-to-one lessons or small group tuition. Its young learners, aged three to fifteen years old, are scattered across the world – as far as Europe and the Middle East. With its lower logistical costs, prices are kept family-friendly – $288 for 10 sessions of 25-minute One-to-One tuition, and $388 for one term of Very Small Group 55-minute tuition. This is exceptional value for what it offers: the chance for effective, personalised language-learning from the comfort of your own home.

How it works 
Simply select the language you wish for your child to learn. VivaLing will propose various options for coaches, and the choice is for you and your child to select based on personality and availability. You can then book a slot based on the coach’s agenda. Session durations are based on the age of the child. Children five to six years old are recommended 15 minute sessions. For children seven to eight years old, sessions are kept at 25 minutes while older kids are offered 40 to 55-minute classes. Each session is recorded and will be sent to you after the lesson for easy revision.

Watch the video below to see VivaLing in action!


VivaLing has recently launched a new program for students in Primary One, Primary Two and Primary Three. Supported by highly qualified coaches, the curriculum is in line with MOE’s Learning Outcomes and Detailed Skills framework. Register your child now for the Very Small Group sessions and receive a 25% with the special code VL20151124SGvsgHK! Visit VivaLingfor further details.

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