Top 6 frequently asked questions on our program for Singapore Local Schools
Top 6 frequently asked questions on our program for Singapore Local Schools

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Will my child be able to practise his writing skills?

Our coaches use a variety of tools to help our students improve their writing skills. Children can use a mouse, a digital tablet or their fingers to write on the interactive board shared with his coach in order to work on Chinese characters or for spelling tests.

For longer writing exercises (essays, creative writings, etc.), each student can type a text with the keyboard and share it with the coach within the virtual classroom.

He can also handwrite a text on a piece of paper and share it with the coach via the webcam. Any writing assignment can also be emailed to the coach.

How do you keep kids engaged and paying attention while they’re sitting in front of a screen?

Our coaches are experienced and trained in teaching children: they are fun, engaging and they know each child’s hobbies, passions, and character.

We also provide them with a wide range of interactive tools to make each lesson unique and captivating.

Each coach uses a variety of games, contests, videos, e-books, reading passages, images, cartoons, songs and flashcards to hold their attention and keep them motivated.

Is there any homework?

Every session is recorded and posted to the parent’s account, for the child to watch again as reference and homework.

Depending on the child’s objectives, age and motivation, we typically suggest some appropriate homework for further practice.

We are also always happy to share some new games, readings and videos to maximise every child’s language exposure.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

We prefer to use the term ‘coach’ rather than teacher because our approach focuses on guiding your children along during their learning journey, rather than simply standing in front of them and ‘teaching’.

Our coaches are all qualified native educators holding a BA or an MA, with a strong background in school teaching. They are experienced in teaching young children and know how to get them interested and engaged, even the fidgety ones! Some of them are also trained for children with special-needs, such as dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Last but not least, we provide our coaches with regular training and professional development in order to make sure they provide state-of-the-art teaching. All of this makes of VivaLing a real language academy, not just a “marketplace” where children and teachers meet without any guarantee of success!

How can I communicate with my kid’s coach?

All our coaches speak English regardless of the language they teach, which is important to ensure a good parent-teacher relationship.

As a parent, you can communicate directly with your child’s coach via email. This gives you the opportunity to send feedback or school assignments to your coach and share your specific requests for your child (exam preparation, etc.).

What is your pedagogical approach?

We teach using the VivaLing Language Learning Approach (ViLLA). It is an advanced version of PCA (Principled Communicative Approach) and CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) catering specifically to kids, online.

It is based on the fact that communication (oral and written) is both the objective of a language and a means to learn it. But communication alone is not enough; the ViLLA pedagogy provides for controlled and structured learning. It activates language learning by using content that is personalised, relevant and highly engaging for the child.

Our approach is therefore ideal for children to experience the joy of learning, while also achieving the Ministry of Education’s desired outcomes.

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