VivaLing Announces Seed Round Exceeding SGD 500k (USD 375k)

For immediate release – Singapore, 13 April 2015

Singapore-based VivaLing, the world’s first online language academy for kids, announced today that it has completed seed round funding exceeding SGD 500k (five hundred thousand Singapore Dollars) from respected local investors. Building on thousands of language coaching sessions given successfully since the inception of the company, the money will be used to further enhance the learning experience and increase VivaLing’s penetration in Asia.

“In a world where the knowledge of foreign languages has a significant impact on people’s personal and professional lives, 2 billion children aged 1 to 15 and their families are still in need of an effective and convenient way to learn”, said CEO and co-founder Bernard GOLSTEIN. “Through real-time video with native language coaches, we enable our young learners to learn the language of their future right from the comfort of their home. VivaLing is a global specialist in child language acquisition – that is the only thing we do.”

“Only children can really learn languages. This special gift must be tapped while it is still available. However children must be offered the right pedagogical and motivational set-up”, added Head of Operations and co-founder WANG Zihan. “We use science and technology to ensure that our young learners enjoy the most fruitful experience through hyper-personalized coaching. As an academy, we train our coaches so that each benefits from the cumulative experience of all, and from the latest findings in language-learning sciences. We also advise families on language-learning strategy and keep them posted on day-to-day progress. In this sense, we differ significantly from tuition market places.”

Bernard GOLSTEIN concluded: “Being headquartered in Singapore and blessed with a culturally diverse and talented team, we are in a privileged position to act as a bridge between East and West. At the end of the day, our main objective remains to make a significant impact on the future lives of all the children whose families take us along with them on their learning journey.”

VivaLing currently teaches English, Mandarin, Spanish and French to young learners in a dozen countries across Europe, the Middle-East and Asia. With thousands of sessions already delivered, VivaLing customers state that the effectiveness of the learning, the convenience of the solution, and the special care they enjoy account for their very high satisfaction and loyalty. VivaLing’s next big targets are the Singaporean and the Chinese market.

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