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29 edtech startups across Southeast Asia with some funding and traction

TechinAsia - April 2016

Startups that tackle problems in Southeast Asia’s education system aren’t exactly writing big headlines with multi-million dollar funding rounds, but they’re around. Some have been offering online education services for many years – Zenius from Indonesia dates all the way back to 2004.

If China’s startup ecosystem is an indicator of things to come, the amount of venture capital that flows into the region’s edtech sector will pick up. Early signs of that are visible today.

An influx of venture capital (VC) is certainly going to shake up the current landscape. With little funding to fall back on, most startups have grown frugally and stayed focused on relatively local problems. VC will let founders think bigger, but it will also increase pressure as startups battle for dominance and profitability. That, too, is something we’ve observed in China.

Here’s a list of edtech companies in Southeast Asia that have raised funds, but also some bootstrapped ones that have caught our eye.

21. VivaLing

VivaLing is an online language learning academy for kids. Children can learn Mandarin, English, Spanish, or French with professional coaches.

The startup received a US$375,000 seed round from an angel investor in 2015 and monetizes through selling its classes.


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