Who we are

We are a group of passionate and determined educators, by profession and at heart. We have come together with a single thought in mind: to make a difference to children’s lives by empowering them with the languages of their future.

We are the Coaches. We are the most important people in this academy.

Our mission is crucial as we make a big impact on little people’s future. We are men and we are women. Our names are Abbie, Abby, Sunny, Yanni, Tina, Carmen, Luxia, Xiaoyu, Rebecca and Aleksandra, David, Rick and many more! We cover all time zones. We have studied and we have been trained and retrained. We wake up with a mission, we learn every day and we coach every day. We love the children we teach. Their progress is our reward.

Meet Felicity

Meet Maria G

Meet Rick

I am Will Yang Wei Min, I am the CEO

I joined VivaLing in 2018, bringing more than 20 years of education leadership, digital marketing, and investing experience to the company.

My role is to manage corporate direction and strategy at VivaLing, facilitating the company’s activity in education, sales, marketing, alliances and channels, and support. 

I graduated from Nanyang Business School with an Executive Master of Business Administration degree in 2006. Prior to joining VivaLing, I was Vice President in Weber Shandwick, one of the Top 10 marketing companies globally, and successfully established Broadcom Marketing Communication Co., a toplist Marketing companies in China.

In 2016, I chaired in “We are the Hero”, one of China’s most popular entrepreneurial TV shows, as an investor judge. I have also been mentoring and conducting extensive training to practitioners in marketing and communication areas.

Today, my ambition is to make VivaLing the world’s leading online education service provider. With all our team efforts, my ultimate goal is to bring the best learning experience to students around the globe.

I am Abbie ADEYERI, I am the Head of Learning.

I was born in Ohio, U.S.A., and have known I wanted to be a teacher since my first day of school! With this mission in mind, I studied in the U.S.A. and Australia to achieve a Masters of Education in TESOL and have taught in four different countries to students from all over the world.

I love teaching because it combines my passions for learning, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and impacting future generations. I love language because it makes all of these possible! I have studied Spanish, Hungarian, and Yoruba, and am always still learning. I am married to my favorite travel partner and together we have visited four continents and counting.

After teaching for seven years, my love for what I do has only grown. VivaLing has introduced me to amazing children from across the globe and to the endless opportunities of online teaching. I hope that every child we teach can use language to open their minds to new ways of thinking, open their hearts to friendships with everyone, and open their opportunities for travel and education to include the world at large. I know it is possible because it has done the same for me!

I am Ludivine HAMY, I am the Head of Marketing & Communications and Managing Director for Europe.

I was born in the south of France (Montpellier) but I was blessed to spend a part of my childhood in Italy (Rome) where I learnt to speak Italian and discovered the Italian culture. My studies in Politics and Literature brought me from Paris to Brussels (Belgium) and Florence (Italy).

I have been working for more than 12 years in Communications and Marketing for different major international companies in Paris, Geneva and Singapore. I have always loved studying and working with people from different nationalities and backgrounds, as it opens your mind so much and gives you an insight into the world’s complexity and richness.

I am also a happy mother of 4 who are currently learning English, Spanish and Chinese at school and thanks to VivaLing. I am fully convinced that speaking more languages gives you such an incredible asset for your future life, both personal and professional. Today, thanks to Vivaling, children can learn a language with fun using new technologies: this is a real revolution. I am happy to be part of it!

I am Daniella BRUSAC POTARD, I am the Head of Customer Happiness and French Master Coach.

I was born in the south of France (Marseille) but have had the chance to move around throughout my life and to become a Citizen of the World. Growing up in a multilingual and multicultural family, I took an interest in languages from a very young age and have studied English, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Turkish and Chinese so far. In my spare time, I like to collect stamps on my passports, take classes (languages, cooking, music…) and read anything about everything.

My childhood dream was to create an NGO to fight against illiteracy all around the world so I logically graduated with a Master Degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Education. It is with passion that I have been working in the field of education, examination and training, at various positions (both pedagogical and commercial), since I started working, almost ten years ago. I taught my very first class in an American university at 20 years old and got confirmation from the very first second that this was my vocation !

I believe that learning languages and intercultural understanding are the keys to making the world a better, brighter and more loving place for the future generations. Helping in that sense is a duty that we owe to our children, and I am delighted and honored to have made it my mission!

I am Li PENG, I am the Head of Operations.

I grew up in Mainland China and was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to many countries and experience a variety of different cultures.

I studied a Master degree in knowledge management in Singapore. The knowledge that I gained through my studies, in particular, how to manage intellectual capital, has helped me greatly in my daily work here at VivaLing. My 7 years of work experience related to operations has also aided my role in helping things function more efficiently.

I am always happy to make new friends and experience more cultures. In my free time, I enjoy various sports, music, art and dancing.

I’ve always believed education to be of paramount importance. With a good education, a person can better themselves, achieve their goals and make the world a better place. Therefore, I am thankful to have the chance to contribute to the best language education here at VivaLing. Life is short, so make it count by doing meaningful things!

I am WANG Zihan, I am the Co-founder and Consultant.

Born and raised in Mainland China, I studied abroad in Singapore, France, Japan and Canada from the age of 16 as a winner of both the Full Scholarship by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Excellence Scholarship by the French government.

I am a dynamic culture explorer and linguistic addict. I currently speak English, French, Mandarin and Japanese, and am still learning. Learning languages is fun and rewarding to me, as each new language is the key to a brand-new wonderful culture. The different languages took me to more than 30 countries even before I reached my 25th birthday.

The journey of language learning has been shaping and polishing my personality, open-mindedness and confidence. 
My dream is to empower more and more kids to unleash their full potential from their early years and embrace a bright, boundless future.